Caucasian Regional Studies

Caucasian Regional Studies
The International Association For Caucasian Regional Studies
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Caucasian Regional Studies, Vol. 5, Issue 1 & 2, 2000


The Chechen Problem: Sources, Developments and Future Prospects by Alexandru Liono (DUPI, Copenhagen):

A Regional Security System for the Caucasus by Bruno Coppieters (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

The Nagorno-Karabakh question: An Update by Sergiu Celac (Romanian Ambassador at large, Bucarest).

Islam, Iran and the Prospects for Stability in the Caspian Region by Brenda Shaffer (Harvard University)

Economic survival strategies in the North Caucasus. Alexandru Liono (DUPI, Copenhagen)

Caspian Hydrocarbons, the Politicization of Regional Pipelines, and the Economic Destabilization of the Caucasus by Dr. Terry Adams (former president of AIOC)

International Good Governance and Civilised Conduct among the States of the Caspian Region: Oil and Gas as a Lever for Prosperity or Conflict by Thomas Waelde (University of Dundee).

Prospects of a Stability Pact for the Caucasus by Sergiu Celac (Romanian Ambassador at large; Bucarest)

Approaches to the Stabilisation of the Caucasus by Michael Emerson, (Senior Research Fellow, CEPS).

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