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Federal Practice
Exploring alternatives for Georgia and Abkhazia

Bruno Coppieters, David Darchiashvili and Natella Akaba (eds) [1999]

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Introduction , Bruno Coppieters

Part 1 : International Perspectives

  • Western Security Policies and the Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict , Bruno Coppieters

    Part 2: European Experiences

  • Swiss Federalism: Lessons for Georgian-Abkhazian Relations , David Darchiashvili
  • The Swiss Experience and Prospects for a Peaceful Abkhazian-Georgian Peace Settlement , Natella Akaba
  • The Value of the Tatarstan Experience for Georgia and Abkhazia , Alexei Zverev
  • Shared Sovereignty Russian Style: Relations between Moscow and the Regions , Nikolay Petrov

    Part 3: Foreign Policies of Federated Entities

  • Treaty-Making Powers and Foreign Relations of Federated Entities , Uwe Leonardy
  • Segmentation and Integration. Proposals for a Federalisation of Foreign Policy in Georgia , Gocha Lordkipanidze

    Part 4: Federalism, Confederalism and Consociationalism

  • Confederalism. A Review of Recent Literature , Xiaokun Song
  • Federalism and Consociationalism. Perspectives for Georgian State Reform , Tinatin Khidasheli

    Part 5 : The Principles of Territoriality and Personality

  • The Conflict in Abkhazia and a Possible Way of Resolving It , Ivlian Haindrava
  • Personal Federalism: a Solution to Ethno-National Conflicts? What It Has Meant in Brussels and What It Could Mean in Abkhazia , Theo Jans
  • Georgia and Abkhazia: Proposals for a Constitutional Model , Viacheslav Chirikba
  • The negotiations between Georgians and Abkhazians that have taken place since the war of 1992-93 have not led to any results that are considered satisfactory to either party. The Abkhazian authorities refuse any federal arrangement which would reestablish a subordinated position in the Georgian state, and the Georgian government refuses any kind of agreement which may be considered as a stepping stone to the secession of Abkhazia. The contributors to this volume analyse the historic roots of the conflict and explore the relevance of practical federal experience from various parts of Europe in the regulation of ethnic conflicts. Special attention is given to the distinction between federations and confederations, Russian federalism, the foreign policies of federated states, and the application of territorial and extra-territorial principles in federations. Contributions from Georgian and Abkhazian authors are included in this volume.

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  • Federal practice : exploring alternatives for Georgia and Abkhazia , Bruno Coppieters, David Darchiashvili and Natella Akaba (eds)