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Introduction  7
Bruno Coppieters

Part 1: International Perspectives

1. Western Security Policies and the Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict  21
Bruno Coppieters

Part 2: European Experiences

2. Swiss Federalism: Lessons for Georgian-Abkhazian Relations  61
David Darchiashvili

3. The Swiss Experience and Prospects for a Peaceful Abkhazian-Georgian Peace Settlement  75
Natella Akaba

4. The Value of the Tatarstan Experience for Georgia and Abkhazia  91
Alexei Zverev

5. Shared Sovereignty Russian Style: Relations between Moscow and the Regions  111
Nikolay Petrov

Part 3: Foreign Policies of Federated Entities

6. Treaty-Making Powers and Foreign Relations of Federated Entities  151
Uwe Leonardy

7. Segmentation and Integration. Proposals for a Federalisation of Foreign Policy in Georgia  169
Gocha Lordkipanidze

Part 4: Federalism, Confederalism and Consociationalism

8. Confederalism. A Review of Recent Literature  181
Xiaokun Song

9. Federalism and Consociationalism. Perspectives for Georgian State Reform  195
Tinatin Khidasheli

Part 5 : The Principles of Territoriality and Personality

10. The Conflict in Abkhazia and a Possible Way of Resolving It  205
Ivlian Haindrava:

11. Personal Federalism: a Solution to Ethno-National Conflicts? What It Has Meant in Brussels and What It Could Mean in Abkhazia  215
Theo Jans

Part 6: Constitutional Models

12. Georgia and Abkhazia: Proposals for a Constitutional Model  233
Viacheslav Chirikba

Notes on Contributors  279


Federal practice : exploring alternatives for Georgia and Abkhazia , Bruno Coppieters, David Darchiashvili and Natella Akaba (eds)