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Democratic Peace for Europe: Myth or Reality

Gustaaf Geeraerts and Patrick Stouthuysen (eds.) [1999]

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  • Democratic Peace for Europe? The Need for a more Fundamental Reflection, Gustaaf Geeraerts and Patrick Stouthuysen, Free Univeristy of Brussels
  • Democratic Peace - What Do We Know and How Do We Explani it? Thomas Risse-Kappen, European University Institute
  • Some Common Misunderstandings about Democracy, Johan K. De. Vree, Volkenrechtelijk Instituut, University of Utrecht
  • Realism and regionalism: American Power and German and Japanese Institutional Strategies during and after the Cold War, Joseph M. Grieco, Duke University
  • Capitalism, Democracy and Peace, Erich Weede, University of Bonn, Germany
  • Democratic Trading Partners: The Liberal Connection, Harry Bliss and Bruce Russett, Political Science Department, Yale University
  • The Wages of Peace Trade: Democracy, Interests and International Conflict among the Major Powers, 1907 - 1965, James D. Morrow, Hoover Institution, Randolph M. Siverson, University of California, Davis and Tressa Tabares, University of California
  • Democracy and Efficacy of Collective Security Systems, K. Edward Spiezio, Department of History and Political Science, Cedar Crest College
  • Anarchy versus Democracy in Post-Cold War Europe, James Lee Ray, Vanderbilt University
  • This book explores the 'peace by democracy' hypothesis and applies the results of that search to the European security environment. Questions addressed are: What do we know about democratic peace and how do we explain it? How and to what extent is democracy connected to variables as economic interdependence, international trade, prosperity, state autonomy and peace? Will anarchy prevail again or will the pacifying impact of stable democracy preserve the peace in Europe despite some worrying signs that the end of the Cold War was not without its destabilising effects?

    This book has considerable political relevance since it allows for a better understanding and evaluation of the Nato enlargement process. The latter is based on the democratisation and economic transformation of former socialist countries in Eastern Europe. Finally, this book also compares with the European 'security community' the security situation in the Asia-Pacific region.

    It aims at academics, professionals, and students with a keen interest in international relations and European studies. It is very useful as a resource or textbook for undergraduate and graduate students.

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    Democratic Peace for Europe: Myth or Reality? Gustaaf Geeraerts and Patrick Stouthuysen (eds.)