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Acknowledgments  7

1. Introduction: Democracy and the Future European Peace   9
Gustaaf Geeraerts and Patrick Stouthuysen

2. Democratic Peace - Warlike Democracies?   19
Thomas Risse

3. On Some Common Misunderstandings about Democracy   41
Johan K. De Vree

4. Capitalism, Democracy, and Peace   61
Erich Weede

5. Democracy and Trade: Ties of Interest and Community   75
Harry Bliss and Bruce Russett

6. The Wages of Peace: Trade, Democracy, Interests and International Conflict Among the Major Powers, 1907-1965   91
James D. Morrow, Randolph M. Siverson and Tressa E. Tabares

7. Realism and Regionalism: American Power and German and Japanese Institutional Strategies During and After the Cold War   107
Joseph M. Grieco

8. Democracies, Peace and Paralysis   133
Edward K. Spiezio

9. Anarchy Versus Democracy in Post-Cold War Europe   149
James L. Ray

References   171

Contributors   199

Democratic Peace for Europe: Myth or Reality? Gustaaf Geeraerts and Patrick Stouthuysen (eds.)