Anna Rudakowska

Tamkang University, Taiwan
(+886) 3987 3088 # 7065

Dr Anna Rudakowska is affiliated with the Political Science department. She works as the Assistant Professor at the Department of Global Politics and Economics, Tamkang University, Taiwan. She specializes in European Union’s (EU) relations with China and Taiwan, cross-Strait relations and in discourse analysis. She has focused on the role of beliefs, values and norms in international politics and particularly in the EU’s foreign policies and EU relations with China. Her most recent research interest concerns the Third Wave Democracies in Asia and Eastern Europe.
Educational Background: Anna Rudakowska holds a PhD in Political Science from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (June 2011). She conducted her PhD research at the IES and at the Graduate Institute for European Studies at Tamkang University in Taiwan. Anna Rudakowska’s dissertation was written in the framework of the project ‘The European Union Policy on Greater China’. In her PhD thesis, she questions the Role of Values in European Union Policies towards China and Taiwan.
Anna Rudakowska graduated in May 2004 from the Sinology department at Warsaw University with an MA in Cultural Studies, specializing in Chinese Studies, and with a second MA in Economics from the Warsaw School of Economics. An additional year of Chinese studies at Shandong Pedagogical University in Jinan, China and a second year at Shifan University in Taipei, Taiwan, gave her the opportunity to perfect her Chinese language skills.
Grants and Scholarships: Anna Rudakowska was hosted as a researcher at Qinghua University in Xinzhu, Taiwan, at the Center for Contemporary China (Oct. 2006 – Feb. 2007); as a Doctoral Dissertation Fellow at Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD) in Taipei (April – June 2008 and Oct. – Dec. 2008); and as a Research Fellow at the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) at the National Central Library in Taipei, Taiwan under the auspices of the Taiwan Fellowship (Feb. – Aug. 2009). She was teaching as a TA about the European economy and society at the National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan (Aug. 2006 – Sept. 2008).


European Political and Economic Integration 歐盟政經發展
European Societies and Cultures 歐洲社會與文化
European Union External Relations 歐盟對外關係
Chinese Economy and Society 中國經濟與社會
Spoken and Written Chinese Proficiency 中國語文能力表達
Civil Culture 公民文化
Globalization 全球化概論
Global Governance 全球治理概論
International Cooperation 國際合作
International Organizations 國際組織

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