Dave Sinardet

+32 473 976 990

Dave Sinardet is a Professor at the Department of Political Science of the Free University of Brussels (VUB). He is also a Professor at the Université Saint-Louis in Brussels.
His research concentrates on subjects such as federalism, nationalism, consociational democracy, political communication and multilingual polities. He published on these themes in many readers and journals including 'Party Politics’, ’Acta Politica, ‘Governance’, 'Pouvoirs, Revue française d’études constitutionnelles et politiques', 'Regional and Federal Studies', 'West-European Politics’, 'Government and Opposition', ... He is also an expert on the Belgian state reform process, as well as on Belgian politics in general.
His Phd in Political and Social Sciences (University of Antwerp, 2007) dealt with the question of how a public sphere functions in a federal multilingual country such as Belgium and more specifically analysed the role of Dutch-speaking and French-speaking media in the representation of Belgium's political language conflict.
Sinardet is a columnist as well. Also through lectures, debates and media appearances, he is an active participant in the public debate, on both sides of the language border in Belgium and well beyond. 

Research Themes