Fanny Wille

Plein 5 - Room 2.69
+32 (0)2 6148113

Fanny Wille obtained a Master’s degree (licentiaat) in Political Science at the VUB (2004) and Master’s degrees (Master-na-Master) in International and European Law (2005) and in European Integration and Development: European Political and Social Integration (2005) at the same university.
In 2002/03, she participated in the Socrates/Erasmus exchange programme and studied for one year at the University of Birmingham (UK).

In 2011 she defended her PhD 'People seeking Power. A qualitative analysis of local coalition formation in Belgium'. Her PhD examined the formation of coalitions, focusing on the local level of politics after the local elections of 8 October 2006 in Flanders and Wallonia.

She was a teaching assistant at the Department of Economics (micro-economics of the profit and non-profit sectors) for a seminar on public choice, and both teaching assistant and assistant Socrates coordinator for the Department of Political Science.


A full list of publications can be found here.