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Louise Hoon joined the POLI department as a doctoral researcher in 2014. She holds a masters degree in Taal- en Letterkunde tweetalencombinatie: Nederlands-Frans (with great honours) and a masters degree in Political Science (great honors). She was awarded the Excellentieprijs Politieke Wetenschappen by the VUB Faculty of Social and Economic science and Solvay Business School. Her master thesis 'A Touchstone of Consent, Euroscepticism and Consensus democracy' was shortlisted for the Daniël Heinsius thesisprijs awarded by the Vereniging Politieke Wetenschappen. Her broad research interests are Euroscepticism, political parties and elections and European politics.

More specifically, her PhD thesis looks at the consequences of EU-issue voting and party-voter realigments. The growing strength of Eurosceptic voices in EU-member states incites more and more voters to choose for a party that represents their stance on Europe. However, it is not always clear to what extent they agree with these parties on other matters, such as socio-economic, anti-establishment and globalization issues.

Louise Hoon has also taught an introduction to research methodology and teaches quantitative research methods in the Bachelor of Political Science. 


Onderzoeksmethoden voor de politieke wetenschappen: werkcollege I
Onderzoeksmethoden voor de politieke wetenschappen: werkcollege II; kwantitatief luik

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