Marc Cogen


- Master of Law, Ghent University, with distinction,    June 1978
- PhD of international law (international investment banks and funds), with the
greatest distinction, Ghent University      June 1986
Relevant Coursework: Financial economy
Relevant research experience:
- Internship at the African Development Bank, Abidjan    May 1983
- Internship at the Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC, June 1985
- Research at Belgian Treasury      1982-1986

Attorney, at the bars of Antwerp and Gent     1978-1986
Relevant work: court proceedings, maritime law

- Researcher at the Department of International Law, Gent University  1982-1991
- Professor of International Law, Free University of Amsterdam  1988-1991
- Professor of European Integration, Vesalius College, Free University
of Brussels                 1995-2000
- Professor of International Law, Gent University    1990-2011
Relevant publications: various articles on international financial law; European financial area; a textbook of international law; democracy and international law; post-conflict reconstruction
Teachings: general international law; the laws of armed conflicts; foreign and security policy of the European Union
- Professor at Vesalius College, Free University of Brussels  2011-
Teachings: Introduction to International and European Law, International
humanitarian law, European organizations

- Consultant for the ‘finance & investment sector’ of the Southern African
Development Community (12 states)     1993-2000
Relevant work: drafting of treaties and protocols on financial sector reform
- Non-Executive Director and Member of the Investment Committee of the
Belgian Investment Company for Overseas Investments (BIO-INVEST) 2001-2006
Relevant work: start-up of the investment company, drafting of operational
- Expert to the Ethiopian Parliament on financial reform   2000-2001
Relevant work: advice on the incorporation of global financial standards into
the reform of the Ethiopian legal system – a special course for top officials

- Diplomatic Envoy of the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs for DR Congo 1998-1999
Relevant work: report on  the renewal of bilateral diplomatic relations after
the seizing of power by Joseph Kabila and the civil war
- Political Advisor of the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs  2004-2007


A full list of publications can be found here.
- Marc Cogen, Country Report on Implementation of International Humanitarian Law in Belgium, in: Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law, 1998, 413-416
- Marc Cogen, Handboek Internationaal Recht, Mys & Breesch, 1998, 464 pages
- Marc Cogen, The Impact of International Humanitarian Law on Current Security Policy Trends, ICRC congress proceedings, November 2001, 12 pages (and at ICRC website
- Marc Cogen, De militaire integratie van de Europese Unie, in: Internationale Spectator, n°6, Juni 2001, 304-309
- Marc Cogen, Does Europe Really Want a Military Capacity?, in: Proceedings of the Conference on European Defence, Royal Military Academy, Brussels, 2002, 8 pages (also at RMA website)
- Marc Cogen, Handboek internationaal recht, third revised edition, 2003, 490 pages
- Marc Cogen, The European Union, Conflict Prevention and Multilateralism, in: Reflections on Emerging International Law: Essays in Memory of Late Subrata Roy Chowdhury, Bangalore, 2004, 213-231
- Marc Cogen, The Clash of Civilizations: the West and the Islam, 2005, published by Ben Gurion University – European Centre, 12 pages -
- Marc Cogen and Eric De Brabandere, Democratic Governance and Post-Conflict Reconstruction, in: Leiden Journal of International Law, 2007, 669-693
- Marc Cogen, ‘The Comprehensive Guide to International Law’, Bruges, Die Keure, 2008 – 534 pages
- Marc Cogen, Israel Needs to Punish Totalitarian Propaganda, in; Mara’ah, March 2010, 10 pages (in Hebrew) and at website
- Marc Cogen, Israel and the Mediterranean: Dreams and Disillusions on Both Sides of the Pond, a congress paper, Jerusalem, June 2010 (a congress contribution paper at Ben Gurion University, website and at website of the Foreign Ministry of Russia:
- Marc Cogen, Kosovo and the Anticipated ICJ Advisory Opinion, congress paper, Pristina, June 2010, 8 pages and at website
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