Michel Huysseune

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Michel Huysseune, Ph.D., affiliated with the Political Science department of the VUB, is professor of Political Science and senior researcher. His fields of interest include the history of political thought, the construction of political ideologies and of nationalism in particular, and the interrelation between regionalism, nationalism and the construction of the European Union. He has published numerous articles on these topics in scholarly reviews and edited volumes. He is the author of Modernity and Secession. The Social Sciences and the Political Discourse of the Lega Nord in Italy, Oxford, Berghahn, 2006 and the editor of Contemporary Centrifugal Regionalism: Comparing Flanders and Northern Italy. Brussels, The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, 2011, and (together with Bruno Coppieters) of Secession, History and the Social Sciences. Brussels, VUB Brussels University Press, 2002.

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