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Silvia Erzeel is assistant professor and postdoctoral researcher at the VUB Department of Political Science. She is also an affiliated member of EDGE and RHEA. Before, she was a FNRS postdoctoral researcher at the Université catholique de Louvain (2013-2016) and a guest professor at the University of Antwerp (2015-2016). In the past few years, she held visiting positions at Brown University, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Leuven.
Silvia’s research interests are situated within the fields of political representation, political parties, gender and ethnicity, comparative politics and methods, and inequality. Her PhD thesis (2012, VUB) dealt with the substantive representation of women in national and regional parliaments in Europe, and was shortlisted for the ECPR Gender and Politics PhD Prize and the Jaarprijs Politicologie. Her current research focuses on two main areas: gender and party politics, and economic inequality and democracy. Together with Ekaterina Rashkova she has recently co-edited a special issue on gender and the radical right for West European Politics.
Silvia serves on the board of the Belgian Association of Political Science (‘Vereniging voor Politieke Wetenschappen’) and chairs the VPW working group on Comparative Politics. She is also member of the editorial board of Res Publica.


- Introduction to Political Science (Bachelor in Social Sciences)
- Onderzoeksmethoden voor de politieke wetenschappen: Bachelorproef (Bachelor Politieke Wetenschappen)

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A full list of publications can be found here.
A selection of recent publications:
Erzeel S. & Rashkova E. (2017) 'Still Men's Parties? Gender and the Radical Right in Comparative Perspective'. West European Politics, 40, 4, p.812-820.
Erzeel S. & Celis K. (2016) ‘Political Parties, Ideology and Substantive Representation of Women’. Party Politics, 22, 5, p.576-586.
Mügge L. & Erzeel S. (2016) ‘Double Jeopardy or Multiple Advantages? Intersectionality and Political Representation’. Parliamentary Affairs, 69, 3, p.499-511.
Erzeel S. & Mügge L. (eds.) (2016) Special issue on ‘Intersectionality Research in Political Science’. Politics, 36, 4.