Tom Verthé

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Tom Verthé is a postdoctoral assistant at the Centre for Local Politics at Ghent University and assistant-professor at the VUB (10%). He completed his PhD on the strategic (pre-)electoral behaviour of parties and voters in Belgium at the VUB in June 2017. He also served as  research manager of the PartiRep Interuniversity Attraction Pole ( from 2012 until 2017. His research mainly focuses on elections, parties and voters, both in a qualitative and quantitative manner. In the past he has published or presented work on (among others) pre-electoral alliances, strategic voting behavior, coalition voting, party organization and electoral volatility. 

His current work involves organizing the 2018 municipal Exit Poll and research on voters' pre-electoral perceptions regarding election outcomes and the link with satisfaction with democracy at the local level. He is also involved in studying the dynamics of current voluntary municipal mergers in Flanders and their impact on local party (section) organization.


Tom Verthé taught a research methods course in 1BA ("Onderzoeksmethoden voor de politieke wetenschappen: werkcollege I") in 2016-2017.
He currently teaches Political Parties and Elections in 3BA (

Research Themes


A full list of publications can be found here or in my CV.