Yating Zhao


Yating Zhao is a Joint Ph.D. candidate in Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Renmin University of China (RUC). She is doing research on The Political Orientation and Its Influences of EU's ODA to Africa. She obtained Master degree on Law (2013) and Bachelor degree (2011) in School of International Studies, Renmin University of China.


Refereed Journal Articles:

-   “A Brief Analysis on EU Development Aid and Democratic Political Development in Ghana”, International Forum, Vol.2, March 2016, pp.20-26.

-   “Analysis of the Changes of EU’s Aid Policy to Africa in New Century”, Teaching and Research, Vol. 6, Jun 2015, pp. 95-101.

-   “Choosing China’s Strategic Pivot in ‘One Road One Belt’ background: Analysis on Strategic Cooperation between China and Kazakhstan”, Social Sciences In Xinjiang, Vol. 6, November 2015, pp.75-80.

-    “The Analysis of The Western Democracy’s Failure in Afghanistan”, Social Sciences In Xinjiang, Vol. 4, July 2012, pp. 81-86.

-   “The Effects and Problems of India Brazil South Africa dialogue forum’s (IBSA) Cooperation”, Xinjiang Social Science Tribune, Vol. 4, Aug 2012, pp. 40-45.

Book Chapters:

-   (with Liu Qingqian)“The new trend of the relationships between Africa and the US, EU, Japan” in Liu Hongwu (eds.) Annual Report on the Development of Africa (2013-2014), Beijing: China Social Sciences Publishing House, 2014.

-   “The UN’s public diplomacy in China” in Pang Zhongying (eds.) Winning the Chinese Hearts and Souls: How Foreign Countries Do Public Diplomacy in China, Bejing: Xinhua Publishing House, 2013.

Other Publications (Non-Refereed):

-   " (with Zhou Yuxiang, Wang Kaige, Li Zifeng, Li Bingqian)”How Do We Prevent the Tragedy of the Lop Nor Happened Again? The Research for the Current Situation of Desertification in Minqin District Gansu Province”, The National Undergraduate Innovative Test Program in Renmin University, National excellence award, 2009.

-   " (with Wang Zhaoyang, Zhang Yan, Ma Binglin, Jia Zijin), “From Ant to Butterfly: Deconstruct the Current Social Problem of the ‘Ant Tribe’ in China”, twelfth “Imagine Cup “, Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition in Renmin University of China, Third Prize, 2010.(As team Leader)